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Sponsorship Program

COLDEST INFLUENCERS: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS & ANSWERS PORTAL Before starting, make sure you know the ins and outs of promoting The Coldest Water. We’ve included these details in your welcome kit as well.

Do I get sent a bottle?

Yes! Sponsorship are Invite only!. If you are chosen to be a sponsored influencer, we will send you a sponsorship agreement. Please review and if you agree with the terms, please sign it, and we will send you a free water bottle at no cost to you. We

Can I choose the size & color of my bottle?

New Coldest Influencers will receive a mystery coldest water bottle. The color and size vary and is subject for availability. We send new Coldest gear out over time, usually randomly. We reward brand loyalty with bigger bottles over time. You may als

Can I use Linktree for my referral link?


Can I Use my referral Link to direct traffic to other pages and not just to

Yes!. You can deep link with your referral code to any page on our site that you would like to direct traffic to:. Connect people to specific products at - You can link users to relevant content that could resonate with your audience, sp

How many days it will take to deliver my Coldest Bottle?

A tracking notification will be sent to your email once your bottle is ready for shipping.  Depending on location, please allow 7-10 business days after signing your agreement from processing to shipping your Coldest Bottle. For International Influen

Does the bottle need to be in the entire video?

The bottle does not need to be in the entire video. Please refer to the Sponsorship agreement.

Can I have other sponsorship at the same time?

Yes. You may work with other sponsorship during our contract.

Do I need to mention the bottle?

Please refer to the Sponsorship agreement.

Do I have to complete the 7 posts within 1 month?”

We do have a lot of different type of campaigns that run throughout the year. Not all campaigns are 7 videos long, some can be 5, 3, and even 1!. The majority of our campaigns are 7 videos long. You don’t need to complete the 7 posts within 1 month.

After someone goes through my referral link, how long will it be between click and conversion to receive commission?

As long as they purchase within 45 days of going through your referral link, you will receive commission. A cookie is placed in their browser that lasts 45 days.

How will I receive my payment?

When you reach the required # of campaign videos, please reach out to [email protected] for a request for payment. with the links to your videos for payment. Subject line: Request for payment. Follow full intstructions in agreement. Once the vi

Can you use multiple gift cards at checkout?

Although influencers can be given multiple giftcards to promote, please note, we currently we only allow one gift card per order. Gift Cards can be used on top of pre-applied discounts at but can not be used in conjunction with other disc

Can I use the bottle for other beverages?

Yes, while you can use the bottle to keep your preferred beverages cold or hot, we recommend water because it’s the healthiest 🙂

I don’t have PayPal. Can I use Cash App?

No. The only payment method that we have right now is PayPal.

How long can you use my video?

Per the sponsorship agreement, you would be agreeing that any content you create with The Coldest Water gear can still be used, repurposed for marketing purposes even after the sponsorship is concluded.

Can I post on other platforms using my other social media accounts?

For Instagram: The 7 videos/posts are specific to Instagram for earning the flat fee salary, but you are more than welcome to share content with Coldest gear on other platforms. Like Youtube, TikTok along with adding your ambassador/referral link in

How can I follow-up my payment?

Please email [email protected].

Can I use the bottle for hot beverages?

Yes. Your Coldest bottle can keep your beverages HOT! In fact, it likely (but not guaranteed) keeps liquids HOTTER than other companies as we design for the extremes :).

So, are you going to send me gallons of cold water?

No, our product is the water bottle. We will send you the Coldest Water bottle.

When are you going to send me the payment before or after I completed the 7 posts?

Payments can be pro-rated if you decide to end the sponsorship early and have completed videos already. Please reach out to [email protected]

Can I just continue posting after the 7 videos and earn the flat fee salary again?

Until you get a new agreement, do not continue posting videos as they will not be paid for (unless you just want to post COLDEST videos without a sponsorship, that's also fine). Once 7 videos is completed, and approved by the team, you will receive p

What are the products included in the sponsorship?

You will receive your own Coldest Bottle.

When can you ship outside United States?

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we are currently not shipping influencer bottles outside the USA.

Do you have a number/direct line so we can talk through the call?

The answer is simply, no. We decided the best way to provide you the best experience:. Sponsorship’s & Ambassador Questions:  [email protected]. Requests for Payments: [email protected]. Support for Orders, please email su

Is there a minimum age to be Sponsored?

Yes. the minimum age to be an influencer at The Coldest Water is 18 years of age. Influencers between the ages of 14-17 will need signed parental consent to represent The Coldest Water. Influencers of the age 13 and below are not be allowed to partic

Disclosures 101 for Influencers - FTC Guidance

Be sure to abide by all laws and regulations by the FTC. Influencers must disclose their partnership with The Coldest Water.  All statements you make regarding Coldest Water products should be truthful and from your own personal experience. How To Di