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Do I have to complete the 7 posts within 1 month?”Updated a year ago

We do have a lot of different type of campaigns that run throughout the year. Not all campaigns are 7 videos long, some can be 5, 3, and even 1!

The majority of our campaigns are 7 videos long.

You don’t need to complete the 7 posts within 1 month. The contract is for 3 months, so you have 3 months to complete the 7 posts. Example, you can create 3 posts the first, month, 4 the second month, and the last 3, the last month. Or you could create 1 video each day (max) and have 30 videos by the end of the month. It really depends on the influencer.

Please refer to the Sponsorship agreement* Agreements over time can improve and change.

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