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Just joined, what do I do? Promote Your Referral Link on Instagram, YouTube, Blog etc:. Dashboard > Program > Assets. Be Sure to Check Your Email For Updates, Tips, and Help. Check out Coldest Ambassador University a one-stop place for influence

How do I change my referral link?

Note: After Approval, Referral Codes Will Be Your First and Last Name by Default. If you prefer to not use the default referral code, and would enjoy using a brand name or slogan instead, here’s how you change your code (we recommend doing this first

Do you have any tips on how to promote?

Yes! We are here to help you be successful where we have tons of tips, case-studies on successful influencers and much more!Please visit Coldest Influencer University.

What are the benefits of joining the annual subscription?

We highly recommend the annual subscription as we provide 2 free months of Ambassador PRO. The idea of Ambassador Pro is to provide you a passive income, while providing you the latest gear before it hits the market to help promote The Coldest Water.

Do I get sent a bottle?

Yes, all Ambassador Pro’s get sent (1) free bottle (typically matte black but may be a different color if we are out of stock in matte black).

Do I get a personal promo-code to give to my following?

Yes, all Ambassador Pro’s receive a custom promo-code. This process is done manually by our team and can take up to 24 hours. You will be notified of this code by email. If after 24 hours you have not received your email, please send us an email at i

How do I change my paypal address?

You can edit or change your Paypal Email add on your DashboardHere’s to change your payout address in your dashboard: Your Dashboard.

Are annual memberships refundable?

Annual memberships (and monthly memberships) are non-refundable once purchased. There is a lot of manual work behind the scenes to provide to you the Best Coldest experience and set up your account to deliver you coldest products. With that said, you

Can I get another bottle for free?

All Ambassador Pros are given a FREE bottle upon joining. Additionally, once you are a PRO, you will be a part of The Coldest Founders Club where you will receive 1-3 of the latest items and inventions  per year.  These may be new Coldest bottles, ne

Are monthly memberships refundable?

Unfortunately, all monthly memberships are non-refundable as there are many costs associated with maintaining the membership. With that said, you may disable auto-renew on your membership at any time. We are only looking for serious, committed team m

I paid for a 3 month membership, but was charged more than I expected.

All 3-month memberships are billed upfront at the time of the payment. This information is displayed on the payment page before you agree to the charge. All memberships renew automatically and can be cancelled at anytime.  Memberhship fees are non-re

How do I cancel recurring billing from automatically charging my account for the next period of membership?

To cancel your auto-renewing subscription from the browser:. 1.) Sign into your account.2.) Unsubscribe. You will now be unsubscribed. If you encounter any issues: Please email [email protected].

Is there an age requirement so be Sponsored?

Yes. the minimum age to be an influencer at The Coldest Water is 18 years of age. Influencers between the ages of 14-17 will need signed parental consent to represent The Coldest Water. Influencers of the age 13 and below are not be allowed to partic

Disclosures 101 for Influencers - FTC Guidance

Be sure to abide by all laws and regulations by the FTC. Influencers must disclose their partnership with The Coldest Water.  All statements you make regarding Coldest Water products should be truthful and from your own personal experience. How To Di